International ISAPS Fresh Cadaver
Aesthetic Surgery Dissection Course
on Facial Anatomy and Rhinoplasty

DAYs 216
HOURs 15
20 — 21 — 22 January, 2022
University Hospital of Liege, Belgium

The 2021 course is canceled

Find below the statement of the organizers

The course of the year 2021 is canceled

See you on 20-21-22 January, 2022

Dear participant,

The International ISAPS, Fresh Cadaver, Aesthetic Surgery Dissection Course has been a huge success for the past six years. An outstanding faculty and a high quality laboratory have enabled more than 160 surgeons from all over the world to become familiar with surgical anatomy in the field of facial aesthetic surgery and rhinoplasty through cadaver dissections.

We are receiving many requests for registrations for the 7th annual course which is scheduled from 21 to 23 January 2021. This course is only possible thanks to the close cooperation with the Anatomy Department of the University of Liège. As a consequence of the Covid crisis, donations of bodies for scientific purposes have been suspended for many months and the Anatomy Service announced at the end of September that it could not guarantee us sufficient bodies to ensure a quality course. Medical students at the University of Liège have priority on a sizable number of bodies for their dissection work in the Medical School.

Therefore, with a heavy hart, we must cancel the January 2021 course. We want to guarantee all participants learning conditions of the highest possible quality which now is not possible. Alternative solutions such as webinars did not seem interesting to us as it is mainly the dissections with support of experts that have made the international reputation of this course. We are therefore looking forward to seeing you on 20-21-22 January 2022, enabling you to enjoy a high-quality training course and the assurance that the organization will be as perfect as it has been in the previous years.

We very much regret having had to take this decision and we hope that you will understand.

Please take care of yourself as best you can.

The organizers,
Dr Ivar van HEIJNINGEN and Pr Jean-Luc NIZET

Register without delay!

Aesthetic Plastic Surgery Dissection Course

Since the number of participants is limited, you will certainly appreciate the easygoing atmosphere of the course. While you increase your knowledge and develop your skills during the day, you will certainly enjoy the beautiful city of Liege at night.
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During the dissection course you will be instructed and guided by experts in the field of facial anatomy and aesthetic facial surgery. The course directors are Pr Jean-Luc Nizet, Chair of the Plastic and Maxillo-facial Surgery Department of the University of Liège, and Dr Ivar van Heijningen.
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University Hospital of Liège, Belgium
20th, 21th and 22th January, 2022
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