Dr Ivar van Heijningen

Dr van Heijningen is a plastic surgeon and works in AZ Zeno hospitals of Knokke and Blankenberge where he does a multitude of procedures. His colleagues have chosen him to represent them in the medical board of the hospital and he is the chairman of the operating room committee. He is also co-founder of Duinbergen Clinic.

His membership of renowned professional societies proves his eloquence. He is active in several committees of ISAPS, he is the chair the membership committee, he is co-chair of the accreditation committee, he is assistant chair of National Secretaries and  European Representative of the Education Council and member of the Patient Safety Committee. He is reviewer for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery journal. He is a board member of RBSPS. He initiated the European Standard for Aesthetic Surgery Services out of concern for patient safety. He is the president of the European Association of Societies of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (EASAPS).